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March 25, 2009


Consumers Tired of Waiting (No Joke) 3/25/09


The piece is from The Onion so it is intended as a joke but the message is not far from the truth. As far as many (most) people are concerned, everything takes too long.

Consider this fake research attributed to a poll from CBS and The New York Times (with RetailWire edits), “Americans are split into three separate camps when it comes to the growing national frustration: Those who think everything is taking too long; those who think everything is taking too g-d long; and a third fringe group that believes everything is taking f-ing forever.”

As one fictional character standing in line at Rite Aid said, “Oh, for crying out loud. Open up another register if you have to. What are these people doing? Hanging out?”

Discussion questions:  How big a factor is time in consumers’ decisions where to buy products across a wide range of retailing channels both off and online? What can or is being done to save shoppers time while generating money for merchants?

My post: 

Truly we have become a society of impatient people.  As retailers we need to focus our energies on improving any of our systems that require the customer to wait:  POS systems, automated telephone routing systems, on-line check out, etc.  As people, we need to focus our energies on learning to relax already!

Mike Osorio, your Dare to be Contagious! TM strategist

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