6 Types of Motivation Explained

July 7, 2013

What makes people do what they do? Why do some people succeed while others fail? The answer just might be motivation. We know that from an early age motivation prompts us to want to learn and exhibit different types of behavior and stimulates us to accomplish new feats of success. As we grow and mature through the different stages of our lives, we hopefully learn what motivates us and what does not.”

The preceding quote is from the latest “DFS Global Learning & Development e-Blast” article, 6 Types of Motivation Explained by Royale Scuderi.

In this May 11, 2012 posting on the Lifehack website, the author offers a simple explanation of the 6 types of motivation.  Understanding how you and those around you are motivated, often differently, can make you a more effective leader.

More from the article:

“The real importance of understanding the different types of motivation is in our ability to determine which form of motivation is the most effective for inspiring the desired behavior in either others or ourselves. None of these styles of motivation is inherently good or bad, the positive or negative outcome is truly determined by the way they are used.”

Read the short article to learn more!

Mike Osorio, your Dare to be Contagious™ strategist


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