What’s the Leader’s Toughest Challenge?


What’s the Leader’s Toughest Challenge? 11-01-2011


Central to a competent leader’s success is his willingness and ability to drive positive and productive change.  The opposite is stagnation, which is the ultimate black hole for business.


The preceding quote is from the latest “DFS Learning e-Blast” article, What’s the Leader’s Toughest Challenge, by Rick Houcek.


In this April 14, 2010 article from leadership consultant Rick Houcek, the author provides a direct challenge to all leaders regarding the challenges and necessity of leading change in a group or an organization.


At DFS a key value is “Embrace Change”.  This doesn’t come easily, but rather through consistent and courageous leadership.  Read the short article to gain some clear guidance on what it really means to lead a team through any change.


More from the article:


Today, while you run your company successfully, someone somewhere is plotting to re-invent your entire industry, and will render the lazy players obsolete overnight.  You must always be thinking “What’s next?”, even while you’re still implementing your current next.


Read the short article to learn more!


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