Innovative Leadership Helps Surmount Challenges


Why Innovative Leadership Can Help You Surmount Challenges – 10-11-2011

The most successful leaders continue to improve their leadership skills including the level of self-knowledge and introspection that provides a feedback loop for ongoing improvement.”

The preceding quote is from the latest “DFS Learning e-Blast” article, “Why Innovative Leadership Can Help You Surmount Challenges”, by Maureen Metcalf.

In this September 29, 2011 posting on the thoughtLEADERS blog, the author provides a strong argument for innovative leadership and specific guidelines of how to do so in a practical sense.

As you read this article, think about what it means to embrace change and how, as an innovative leader you can help ensure your own and your organization’s ability to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

More from the article:

We keep hearing that the world is changing and it is.  The question for you is what will you do to lead the thinking and changes in these times rather than talking about how tough it is?  Will you be an innovator or a barrier to innovation?”

Read the short article to learn more!

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