Culture before Strategy


Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time – 09-06-2011

Culture is the set of habits that allows a group of people to cooperate by assumption rather than by negotiation. Based on that definition, culture is not what we say, but what we do without asking.”

The preceding quote is from the latest “DFS Learning e-Blast” article, “Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time”, by Nilofer Merchant.

In this March 22, 2011 blog post on the HBR Blog Network, the author clearly articulates an argument for fostering an effective culture to drive sustainable business results over the short and long haul.

As you read this article, think about the overall culture at your company and the culture in your work area and determine how well you are contributing to a culture of trust, conflict resolution and co-ownership.

More from the article:

After working on strategy for 20 years, I can say this: culture will trump strategy, every time. The best strategic idea means nothing in isolation. If the strategy conflicts with how a group of people already believe, behave or make decisions it will fail. Conversely, a culturally robust team can turn a so-so strategy into a winner. The “how” matters in how we get performance. Yes, it does.”

Read the short article to learn more!

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