Dress like Lindsay Lohan (or your pick)

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  Shopping Online to Look Like a Celebrity


Online fashion retailer asos.com has built its business on one simple principle: helping consumers dress like celebrities. The idea, as The Guardian explained, is to have models parading down the catwalk wearing outfits similar to those seen on the famous so that the not-famous can choose a style they would like to emulate at a fraction of the cost.

The site actually links fashion looks to faces. Customers can click on their favorite celebrity/pop star and view clothes that look a bit like things they have been pictured in. Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez have proved to be particular favorites. Another unique feature is the ability for consumers to then see the item on models parading down the catwalk.

The site now carries 250 brands including big names such as Balenciaga and YSL. Targeting women aged 18 to 34, Asos claims some 1.7 million registered users, according to The Guardian, with 180,000 potential customers browsing each day and 200,000 orders at an average £60 each month. Menswear makes up 15 percent of sales, beauty and cosmetics three percent. Each of the 8,300 items is photographed and stock turned (replaced) every nine weeks.

Discussion questions:  What do you think of asos.com’s use of celebrity connections and catwalks to sell fashion apparel? Is Asos taking celebrity connections to online fashion retailing to a new level? Should department stores and fashion boutiques pursue similar techniques to capitalize more on celebrity and designer connections?

My post:

I just spent some time on this fantastic British site.  I can clearly see why it is so successful.  The ability not only to see clothes that a preferred celebrity either wears or might wear, but also to see it modeled on a catwalk with music is very cool.  The brands shown are good quality and the sections with premium brands and independent designers take it to another level.  There are site navigation issues, but overall it is a great experience and one which clearly resonates.  A version to be seen in the US soon?  I think it could work with a retailer already thought of as cool, but maybe even Macy’s or Penney’s should give it a try.

Mike Osorio, your Dare to be Contagious! TM strategist


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