Asda demonstrates sincere staff recognition

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  Asda Cheers on its Staff (and Their Namesakes)


Anyone reading the small print of Asda’s press ads would apparently see announcements of staff birthdays and special occasions. This is one way in which the supermarket chain, owned of course by Wal-Mart, celebrates along with its staff and makes sure the world knows what a family-oriented business they are.

As an added twist, one store manager pointed out that his fruit and vegetable department is looked after by one Bob Hall who shares a name with a horse running in the Grand National. The annual steeplechase is one of the biggest and most popular races in the country. To honor their own in-house Bob, Asda decided to back the 100 to one outsider and encourage everyone to yell their support on the day. If the horse won, produce Bob would get the takings, estimated at more than £4000 ($8000).

Store manager, Nigel Palmer, said “It’s part of our drive to show everyone at Asda that they are the most important people in the company. Our colleagues have made Asda the successful company that it is today, and we want to make all of them famous.

Discussion questions:  Are programs such as Asda’s Bob Hall contest worth pursuing by large retailers? How would you assess their impact on employees and customers? What other feel-good programs would you recommend for larger chains looking to bond with local employees and local communities?

My post:

I believe strongly that it is critical to a retailer’s long-term health to develop a culture that consistently creates opportunities to recognize individual and team efforts, small and large.  The key is the recognition must be spontaneous, sincere and well-communicated both inside and outside the organization.  This is not a “program”.  Rather, it must be a true cultural phenomenon developed over time and led by c-level management who provide the example.

Mike Osorio, your Dare to be Contagious! TM strategist

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