Do you remember what new products came out last year?

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  New Product Messages Not Getting Through


According to new survey, only 23 percent of 1,000 American consumers could recall a new product introduced in 2007. Joan Holleran, editor of New Product magazine, one of the study’s providers, remarked to MediaPost, “It’s like consumers are saying: ‘Could you spend a little more on research and development, instead of just creating line extensions?'”

When presented with a list of new products introduced last year, Apple’s iPhone topped the list with a 37 percent recall rate. Rounding out the top ten (in order) were by Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, Febreze-branded candles, Domino’s Oreo Dessert Pizza, the over-the-counter diet aide Alli, Oreo Cakesters, Diet Coke Plus, Subway Fresh Fit Meals, Motorola’s RAZR 2 and Listerine White Strips.

While the research underscored that consumers have short attention spans around new products, the results showed that the top memorable products were line extensions. Researchers also noted that most of the memorable new products experimented with their marketing mix – using blogs, word of mouth and PR-generated media to get the word out.

Discussion questions: Is the fact that consumers can’t recall new products primarily a marketing problem? Or is it more of an R&D problem? How can brands and retailers do a better job coming out with memorable new product launches?

My post:

The wrong question is being asked.  I may not remember what new products were introduced in 2007, but I may still be buying them.  Rather than asking what the consumer remembers, they should be asked what they are buying.  Only what I buy puts money in the cash register.

Consumers are overwhelmed by the overabundance of new products, when in fact most perform only marginally better if at all vs. what they hope to replace.  Marketing and R&D focused on existing products would be far more cost-efficient that developing and marketing ever-new line extensions, etc.

Mike Osorio, your Dare to be Contagious! TM strategist



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