Would you lick a magazine ad?

 DISCUSSION TOPIC:  Lickable Ads Arrive


Welch’s has introduced what’s believed to be the first-ever consumer ad in a magazine enabling readers to sample a product by licking the ad. While scent technology — scratch-and-sniff ads or fragrant ink — is commonplace in magazines, lickable ads are still in the experimental stage.

Discussion question: What do you think of the marketing potential around lickable ads in magazines?

My post:

Lickable ads are a bad idea.  Even though a person can tell if the strip has been opened already, this does not stop a child or an adult with poor decision-making skills from “re-licking.”  It is definitely a lawsuit waiting to happen when the first child gets sick after licking an ad that their classmate or sibling with the flu already licked.

Plus, the very idea of licking a magazine is not appealing.  I would not want my brand associated with this practice.  True sampling is the way to get the flavor of a product into a customers’ mouth.

Mike Osorio, your Dare to be Contagious! TM strategist




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